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Wexford Studio Theatre is a young company with a long history and an exciting future. We are guided by the belief that theatre is a collaborative art form that brings people together in a uniquely positive way and that by working together we can make things better.


There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure...`` Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Wexford Echo Newspaper - Tuesday, June 20th.

Colourful Caper On Stage

By Padraig Byrne

“Local school children enjoyed a trip to the Athenaeum recently for a crazy and colourful production by Wexford Studio Theatre. Jeff and Elvis told the story of a grumpy old bully who changes his ways and finds happiness through friendship and love in a fantastical story full of adventure.

The kids really seemed to lose themselves in the tale and it also carried a great message for them to take back to the schoolyard and their homes.  It wasn’t just the kids who enjoyed themselves too. Teachers even had a little giggle at some of the bonkers antics that took place one The Athenaeum stage

The hero of the tale was a mythical Pegacorn called Elvis that rescued her hapless friend Jeff from awful space bullies including rotten old Granny Smog. A real hit with the kids. Wexford Studio Theatre will be staging Jeff and Elvis again at the Adamstown Show on July 1st.”

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